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Ayahuaska Museum is coming soon!


We are about to finish some building and organization of the first «Ayahuaska Museum» in Peru which is situated in our Cordillera Escalera Lodge hotel. Our ecolodge team has been working for about one year and a half developing the concept of the museum, collecting the materials and artifacts, consulting details with shamans and experts that investigate about history and the present situation of this great Amazon culture of healing.

Museo de Ayahuasca va a ser!

There is a building that was specially planned for the museum exhibition. Its walls were decorated with traditional paintings of a local painter from Tarapoto Frank Machuca. Inside the building there is an exhibition hall with the total área of 140 square meters, where you may find some information about Ayahuaska ceremonies, its history and legends, about Master Plants and its effect on a person medically and philosophicaly speaking. You may also read the testimonies of our contemporaries that have their own experience in healing ceremony participation. As well there will be other interesting materials related to the Amazon Nature.

Museo de Ayahuasca va a ser!

Visitors will be able to see the main attributes of ritual on the shelves, showcases and instalations, also they can discover the purpose of certain objects, investigate various documentary materials, and receive answers to many questions that often arise in people who are just starting to get acquainted with the Ayahuaska tradition.

Museo de Ayahuasca va a ser!

The core of the exposition is based on private collection exhibits and artifacts purchased from local residents, there are photo zones, a mini library, and in the future, we plan the installation of special information terminals for interactive study of the material. Information on the stands is presented in two languages — English and Spanish, while on special media full dubbing into Russian will be available, and in the future also into German.

Museo de Ayahuasca va a ser!

We are sure that the exposition of the Ayahuaska Museum exhibition will allow visitors to create their own idea of this ancient tradition and culture, and it will also be an interesting addition to any tourist route when visiting Tarapoto and its surroundings.

The museum is functionally divided into the exhibition part and the bar area; fans are installed inside as well as mosquito nets, which is the key to a comfortable tour))!

Museo de Ayahuasca va a ser!

In fact, it is possible to organize various kinds of workshops and lectures for groups of up to 30 people in the exhibition hall, in addition to the exposition. There are furniture (tables, chairs) and equipment for presentations, you can even perform concerts (there is a small stage))!

The bar that is at the entrance of the Museum is a cozy space where, in addition to coffee and tea with sweets and desserts, you can try with Amazonian cocktails made with various liqueurs from unique local plants; these unusual drinks will certainly improve your mood and tone and make your trip to Peru unforgettable))!

Museo de Ayahuasca va a ser!

There will be a souvenir shop at the bar where you can buy a traditional «folk souvenir», books and brochures related to the concept of the museum and the history of the ritual, gathering herbs and teas, ethnic accessories, etc.

The Nature and Recreation Park «Chakruna» will also be available for our Museum visitors, the organization of which is currently in full swing (as far as this lockdown allows it)).

Museo de Ayahuasca va a ser!

The beautiful name «Chakruna» comes from the term of the plant with the same name (Latin — Psychotria viridis), the Park itself is a spectacular jungle in an area of 3 hectares, located directly on the banks of the picturesque Chilcayo River, the entrance to the Park is 50 meters from the Museum.

Museo de Ayahuasca va a ser!

Our eco-lodge guests and Museum visitors will have a unique opportunity to look into the virgin jungle, swim in the fast current river, have their barbecue party on a specially equipped venue and many other things. The work on the project began in March 2020, there is still a lot to do, such as to organize space and construction, but now it’s clear that the future Chakruna Park will become a point of attraction not only for tourists, but also for local residents who are happy to escape from the city noise, it will be a special place where Nature will give you real opportunity to rest.

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Our exhibition «Ayahuaska museum» will gladly accept any donation or will buy at a reasonable price any material related to the concept of the Project.

In case you have any ideas or offers please contact Anton on the following number +51-947224455.