Spiritual experience

Cordillera Escalera / Amazon environment / Spiritual experience
Nowadays, it is quite difficult to find a peaceful place to rest from a daily routine. The possibility of restoring the natural energy seems to be something unrealizable. But it’s so simple – to turn up suddenly in the jungle, breathe deeply and let the worries off… You are in Peru, in Amazonia.

Enjoy panoramic views of the protected area, relaxing in a hammock on the patio at your bungalow. Soon you are going for hiking in the wild jungle to the spectacular waterfalls, swimming in natural river basins with clear water, boating in the Blue Lagoon…

Be ready for positive changes in your life: it is all possible here in the heart of the jungle, where you can feel particularly strong relationship with the planet and its wildlife.

duhovniy-opytToco toucan
(Ramphastos toco)