Traveler basics

Cordillera Escalera / Traveler basics

How to get to Tarapoto?

By air
There are some regular flights from Lima (flight time is 1 hour) and Ikitos (flight time is 50 min), look at LATAM, Peruvian or Star Peru airlines.

By road

  • By bus
    There is a direct bus from Lima to Tarapoto through the cities of Lima-Chiclayo-Olmos-Bagua-Rioja-Moyobamba-Tarapoto. The distance of the route is 1445 km on the highways Panamericana Norte (North Pan-American Highway) and Fernando Belaúnde Terry or Marginal de la Selva. The travel time is approximately 22 hours.
  • By car
    Follow the route through the cities of Lima-Pakasmayo-Cajamarca-Balsas-Leymibamba, then turn off to Chachapoyas. The distance of the route is 1547 km on the highways Panamericana Norte (North Pan-American Highway) and Fernando Belaúnde Terry. The travel time is approximately 28 hours.
    Also you can go by car on the route Lima-Huánuco-Tingo María-Tocache-Juanjui-Tarapoto. The distance of the route is 1020 km on the highways Carretera Central and Fernando Belaúnde Terry or Marginal de la Selva. The travel time is about 20 hours.

By river
Follow the route Ikitos-Yurimaguas through The Amazon River, The Marañón River and The Huallaga River. Then use ground transport (136 km by road).

What is the climate there?

Mostly hot and humid (tropical), with a pronounced dry season from April to November.

Оn the banks of The Huallaga River the climate is hot. On the tops of The Cordillera Central there is a moderate climate changing with decreasing of height.

On the borders with the regions of Amazonas, La Libertad and Huánuco climate varies according to the height from tropical to moderately hot in the Yungas and moderately cold in the areas bordering the high mountains.

The annual average maximum temperature is 29°C (84°F), the minimum temperature is 18°C (64°F).

What to take?

Light clothing, insect repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses etc. It is recommended to take a bottle of water everywhere you go. Don’t forget the camera to make a lot of unforgettable shots!

How to move in the city?

The main transport is a motorcycle taxi. It is not recommended to drive at night with unfamiliar drivers.

What is the speed of the Internet in the hotel?

Due to the location of the Ecolodge, the Internet in the hotel is designed for social networking, viewing mail, browsing websites and is not intended for viewing online or downloading movies.

Do I need to be vaccinated?

It is recommended to be vaccinated against yellow fever and malaria.

What about dangerous plants and insects?

There are some poisonous caterpillars and poisonous frogs in the jungles.

And some other recommendations

  • Despite the heat, use clothing with long sleeves, covering most of the body.
  • Use an insect repellent, a sunscreen and a hat – it will help you to protect yourself from the sun and mosquitoes.
  • Wear boots or shoes with socks. Try to avoid walking barefoot or in sandals.
  • Do not lean on dead trees and branches. It is recommended not to sit on the ground without a preliminary inspection.
  • Do not swim in stagnant creeks or rivers not familiar for you.
  • Do not go into the jungle without a local guide who knows the terrain.