MALOCA — is a round-shaped building with a conical roof, traditional for Amazonian tribes, designed for meetings and rituals. According to the beliefs of local residents, Maloca is a place of uniting the energy of the tribe and a point of communication between the Cosmos and the Earth (Father and Mother). Local tribes still gather in Maloca to exchange knowledge, solve important tribal issues and making sacred ceremonies dedicated to the spirits of nature.

Maloca in the «Cordillera Escalera» was laid on the topmost terrace, in a place specially chosen with the participation of Amazonian shamans. It offers a magnificent view of the valley of the Shilkayo River and all the energy from the neighboring mountains is concentrated in its heart. The best local craftsmen were involved in the construction of the Maloca.

The main hall is circular in shape, with a decorative floor made of local Shivahuaco wood and walls made of Quinilla and Cedro, provides excellent acoustics, which plays a primary role during ceremonies. Huge windows closed with a mosquito net create excellent ventilation and make it possible to feel the whole surrounding nature.

The pointed conical roof, covered with palm leaf according to local traditions, reaches 10 meters in height. It is this space under the dome that allows the sacred songs of Icaros to create the necessary energy shell inside the Maloca.

The diameter of the main hall is 8.5 m, which allows you to comfortably hold riutals for groups of up to 10 people. In addition, in Maloca they have planned 2 full bathrooms with sinks, toilets and showers. The entrance to the Maloca is decorated in the form of a large terrace with a fascinating view of the surrounding mountains.

In our Maloca you will find the characteristic features of an Amazonian building combined with elements of modern design and amenities.

Maloca rental (5 hours): US $25.00 for 1 person

Maloca. Cordillera Escalera.
Maloca. Cordillera Escalera.
Maloca. Cordillera Escalera.