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Retreat dates:  7.04 — 13.04.2023
Minimum number of people:  3-8
Cost:  1265$/person

7 days retreat in Ecolodge “Cordillera Escalera”

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing through an immersive Ayahuasca retreat, guided by experienced shamans and surrounded by the mystical beauty of the Amazon rainforest.
Unleash the power of ancient wisdom and connect with the spirit realm on a soul-stirring ayahuasca retreat where you will embark on a deep inner exploration and emerge with renewed clarity, purpose and gratitude.

…6 nights accommodation in a double bungalow.
…3 ayahuasca ceremonies with master shaman.
…1 purgative ceremony prior to the ayahuasca ceremony.
…Conversation with shaman and follow-up throughout the process.
…Facilitator who accompanies them during the process and during the first hours of the ceremony.
…6 days breakfast, lunch and dinners.
…Traditional diet without salt, sugar or seasonings.
…2 transportation to pick up and take to the airport or other place.

*They can make use of the facilities of the chacruna Park for walks, visit to the viewpoint, walks to the river.

…Air tickets to Tarapoto