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240 years – the anniversary of the city of palm trees


We are in a hurry to share the wonderful news – 2022 turned out to be an anniversary year for our city of palm trees and coconuts. Tarapoto will celebrate its 240th birthday! In connection with this event, August is filled with a wide variety of cultural, sporting and gastronomic events, which of course do not pass by our Ecolodge “Cordillera Escalera”. They celebrate a significant date all week, but official celebrations are scheduled for August 20.

240 years – the anniversary of the city of palm trees

The history of the founding of Tarapoto as a city began on August 20, back in 1782. The Spanish bishop Don Baltasar Jaime Martinez Compagnon and Bufanda gathered the tribes living in the area of Lake Suciche and founded a city called “Santa Cruz de los Motilones de Tarapoto” with his church parish in this place. This place in the era of the Spanish conquest was of crucial importance as a strategic point for research, trade and logistics with other parts of the Peruvian Amazon, such as Chachapoyas, Loreto and Ucayali. Therefore, from a small settlement, Tarapoto eventually turned into a regional center.

The city is famous for its mild climate, fertile land, unforgettable landscapes and the hospitality of local residents. This has helped Tarapoto become a priority tourist destination in Peru. Waterfalls hidden in the jungle, mountain lakes and rivers, observation decks, trekking routes and rafting are only part of the entertainment offered by local travel agencies. Travelers are captivated by unforgettable exotic cuisine and Amazonian liqueurs.

Our Ecolodge “Cordillera Escalera” is actively involved in the development of Amazonian culture and tourism in Tarapoto. Projects such as “Amazon Dinner”, “Ayahuasca Museum” and “Chakruna Park” are being implemented on the territory of the hotel. Each project is unique and does not leave tourists indifferent, and also helps to learn amazing facts about our selva.

240 years – the anniversary of the city of palm trees

We invite nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts to visit us to join the festive events dedicated to the 240th anniversary!